Steering Committee

The BHN Steering Committee meetings are held the second Monday of every month, except October. Meetings are open, and attendance of neighbors is encouraged.

2014 Steering Committee

As of March 21, 2014 with end of terms indicated for each member.


David Thompson, President
Brett Sheriff, Vice President (2015)
Gill Geldrich, Treasurer (2015)
Virginia Spini, Recording Secretary (2015)
Gene TeSelle, Corresponding Secretary (Past President)


Todd Adams (2013)
Blaine Bonadies (2014)
Susie Campion (2014)
Tom Campion (2014)
John Ray Clemmons, (Past President)
Keith Durbin (Past President)
Lauren Gaffney (2014)
Jayne Gordon (Past President)
Jenkins Hardin (2015)
Tim Holman (2015)
Lewis Hunley (2014)
Carole Kenner (2014)
Rob Laird (2014)
Blaire Morriss (2014)
Melinda Newpher (2013)
Tracy Patterson (Past President)
Ross Pepper (2015)
Van Robins (2014)
Penny TeSelle  (Past President)  
David Thompson (2014)
Lindsey Trella Moffatt (Past President)  
Richard Urbano (2015)
Rob Welhoelter (2014)
Jett Whitmer (2015)
Joe Woolley (2013)

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